A New Face - Residency

1st April 2017 - 3rd May 2017 Malmo, Sweden

I feel we are always looking for beauty in everything we set our senses on, and through the years we’ve come to collectively understand what makes something beautiful. We don’t know why that is, we’ve just been taught from childhood.

I have always been fascinated by the beauty spot on models faces and how somehow this small imperfection strengthens their beauty.

This fascination led me to use the beauty spot to enhance my ‘ugly’ accidental drawings including those by famous artists. 

The idea was to draw portraits with my eyes closed. Any face that came to mind, be it a memory, recent or old, with the one rule being I couldn’t open my eyes until I felt they were complete. On opening my eyes I would barely see a face amongst all the scribbles. Nevertheless there was always a face. I would go back to them from time to time and make them more distinguishable by removing lines or changing features. I did one and it looked like a baby drew it with a thick crayon. I loved it. It looked like I created a new being, a new face.

These t-shirts are now available to purchase on the shop page.